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Pleiades Global supports leaders to build on their knowledge and then rise above accepted ways of doing things to transform individuals, cultures and workplaces to thrive today, and into the future.


Experienced, perceptive, future-focused leadership coaching and workplace advisory.

“I’ve been around operational and industrial businesses for nearly three decades, so the chances are I’ve seen your issue before, or something quite like it.  I will help you connect the dots and prepare for the future while helping you navigate your current reality.  There’s no one size fits all”
– Megan McCracken, Owner, Pleiades Global

Our Vision

A world where high trust, inclusive and adaptable businesses that thrive over the long term are commonplace.
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Leadership Coaching

We support leaders to:

  • Navigate their professional lives
  • Build high trust, inclusive, adaptable businesses that are sustainable over the long term.

Our leadership coach is Megan McCracken, an experienced mentor, International Coaching Federation member and executive leader with nearly three-decades experience in the operational and industrial sectors across Australia.

Pleiades Global

Advisory & Interim Management

Running your organisation well commercially is table stakes, the minimum. Engaging the energy of your team for sustained success in the 21st century? It’s getting more complex, not less. With proven runs on the board in people, safety, external relations and board and executive leadership let’s talk about how you can turn your company’s purpose into performance.

  • Leadership, Workplace, Diversity & Stakeholder Advisory
  • Board performance
  • Interim Management
Pleiades Global
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Public Speaking & Facilitation

Speaker and media trained, Megan McCracken can enhance your next event and support your in-house programs.

She is an experienced panel and workshop facilitator, conference speaker, keynote and after dinner speaker.  

Megan specialises in future workforce, leadership, trust, stakeholder engagement, careers, workplace culture, diversity and the importance of building your businesses ecosystem.

Pleiades Global

Diversity & Inclusion

Megan is a life-long advocate for power of inclusive and diverse workplaces. Talk to Megan about:

  • Coaching & Mentoring. Megan believes you are just fine the way you are and from time to time you need support to navigate your professional life. When that time comes call Megan to discuss whether coaching or mentoring is right for you.
  • The National Association of Women in Operations. Megan has served on the board since 2013 and has been Chair of the board since 2017. Find out more at www.nawo.org.au

What we stand for



Megan McCracken

Megan is an executive leader with more than 25 years’ experience in cultural and workforce transformation in industrial and operating businesses across Australia in resources, automotive, energy and rail, 10 years at an executive level.

Pleiades Global

Success Stories

There aren’t many people who would guess that a railway would have a gender pay gap of almost zero. After 5 years of effort put into systems, symbols & behaviours a 100yo rail organisation announced a 0.6% gender pay gap in March 2017.
A two-year journey to repair a long standing patchy reputation with government, media and the community. Hint: no quick fixes but a whole lot of humility, transparency and follow-up.

Not just one or two employees. Everyone.  Without sanctions or confidentiality agreements. Hint: its about transparency, trust and explaining WHY.

This workplace design was about collaboration, flexibility and recognising different personalities and work styles while removing the symbols of hierarchy to build a more networked organisation.

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