UWA Graduation @019
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Megan McCracken

Megan is the owner of Pleiades Global, supporting leaders to build on their knowledge and then rise above accepted ways of doing things to transform individuals, cultures and workplaces to thrive today and into the future.

Navigating and thriving in a changing world

If you were given seven minutes to talk to the next generation of graduates, what would you say?

In one of the greatest honours of my life I spoke to the UWA Masters of Professional Engineering Cohort of 2019, at their graduation last December.

I’ve worked alongside engineers all my career. I’m not an engineer, I am however the person they often come to speak to about work, and sometimes about life. I reflected on thirty years of conversations, and said there were three things I’d pick from many that could help them navigate a changing and sometimes uncertain world.

One, accept life will have ups and downs. Expect an interesting rather than a perfect life.

Two, be curious and ask lots of questions.

Three, play well with others.

The 7 min 20 second video of that speech is attached.

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