Navigating and thriving in a changing world

UWA Graduation @019

If you were given seven minutes to talk to the next generation of graduates, what would you say? In one of the greatest honours of my life I spoke to the UWA Masters of Professional Engineering Cohort of 2019, at their graduation last December. I’ve worked alongside engineers all my career. I’m not an engineer, […]

Want your team to give all their energy? This might just work.

Pleiades Global

What’s not to love about a stirring speech in a movie. The one where all hope is lost, there’s a rag tag group left and the leader delivers an powerful call to arms that spurs everyone on against the odds. Think William Wallace (played by Mel Gibson) in Braveheart “tell our enemies that they may […]

Want real feedback? Here’s How.

Pleiades Global

I’ve just returned from an experiential leadership program run in the Kimberley region in Western Australia where I learnt more about leadership in ten days than I have in ten years. In fact, maybe thirty years. And that’s not from any lack of leadership practice. I sat on an executive team for almost ten years […]